Nicols Fox

It Was Probably Something You Ate

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Published by Penguin Books, 1999

You and your family need this book.

Why do I make such a bold and apparently self-serving statement? Because foodborne is a real and serious problem and this book profiles the culprits and outlines the strategies for avoiding and surviving foodborne disease.

Campylobacter, Salmonella, Listeria and many, many more pathogens are identified and described with stories of real individuals who have been infected.

What is lurking in your salad bar?
What should you do if your child is ill?
What is making you sick and how can you treat it?
How can you eat out with some degree of confidence?
What foods are more likely to make you sick and what foods are safe?
Is bottled water safer than tap and should you care?
Should you eat hamburger ever again?

These and many more questions about emerging foodborne pathogens and laid out in a logical and useful form. It should be there on your shelf when and if you need it, and according to the Centers for Disease Control, everyone in America is likely to need it at least once and perhaps twice a year.

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Spoiled: Why our food is making us sick
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It Was Probably Something You Ate
How to avoid and Survive Foodborne Illness